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Unique venues in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Wicked Grounds are corporate event spaces in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for meetings, workshops and other sorts of business events. Our locations are spaces with an extraordinary experience. Venues in the city where you can cast off the shackles of your daily distractions, inspired by the decor, service and energy. Areas where creativity flourishes and barriers are broken. Wicked Grounds is innovative, inspiring and connecting.

Wicked Grounds The Suite


Welcome to the world of Wicked Grounds

Wicked Grounds is a safe haven for today’s and tomorrow’s changemakers. Locations where creative spirits develop and relationships grow. Unique venues that make your guests connect. And inspire you over and over again.

Our Locations


the warehouse (HQ)


Events up to 350 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 55
1059BT Amsterdam

the Lounge (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Lounge

Events up to 150 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 51A
1059BT Amsterdam

the suite (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Suite

Events up to 100 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the apartment (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Apartment

Events up to 80 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the space (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Space

Events up to 80 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the lodge (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Lodge

Meetings up to 16 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the cabin (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Cabin

Meetings up to 14 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the office (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Office

Meetings up to 6 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the workspace

Wicked Grounds The Workspace

Events up to 60 people.

Dokter Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056AB Amsterdam

the boardroom


Meetings up to 28 people.

Herengracht 340 BEL
1016CG Amsterdam

the studio

meetingspace amsterdam

Meetings up to 22 people.

Schinkelkade 30
1075VJ Amsterdam


the loft

Wicked Grounds The Loft

Events up to 80 people.

Delftsestraat 5 – unit 2.06
3013 AB Rotterdam

Who we are

The Creative Agency

Wicked Grounds is not only just a collection of beautiful locations, we are a creative agency. Our locations can be rented as an empty space. However as an agency, we can really take your event to another level. This is where the magic happens.

Add your wishes to the table, the desired outcome, and we will realize the conditions for you. With our energy, experience, creativity and large network we always outrival ourselves. Curious what we can mean as a creative agency for you? Ask for the possibilities.


The Catering

At Wicked Grounds, we believe that food must be prepared and assembled with love and great care. Certainly during intensive sessions, your nutrition is essential as it is the fuel for your brain. We have therefore developed a special Wicked Grounds arrangement for meetings and presentations.


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