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12 reasons to organize your meeting at Wicked Grounds

12 reasons to organize your meeting at Wicked Grounds

12 reasons to organize your meeting at Wicked Ground

Numerous articles have been written about this topic: meetings at unique meetingspaces imrpove the inspiration and creativity of the participants. This sounds pretty obvious. But the challenge remains; where to find such a location? We give you 12 reasons why Wicked Grounds is the right address for your next business meeting.

Benefits of meeting at Wicked Grounds

  1. The top locations in the middle of the city center

Wicked Grounds now has 14 unique meeting locations in Amsterdam and one location in Rotterdam. All locations are located in the heart of the city. You would think that you are bothered by the noise of the city, but nothing is farther from the truth. The locations are an oasis of tranquility. The locations are spaces with a special experience. Places in the city where you can get away from the everyday distractions.

  1. Easily accessible by car and public transport

That also brings us directly to the second point: the location is easily accessible by car and public transport. That is of course important, because it’s a shame to travel too long to a meeting location. You are quickly back on the highway, but also quickly in the city to close the meeting with a drink or a lunch / dinner.

  1. Hospitality

When you arrive at Wicked Grounds you will be welcomed by the hospitable gentlemen of Wicked Grounds ;-). Of course we did not come up with this ourselves, we have often received this positive feedback. We are happy to ensure that you feel at home and get the best out of your day. We like to think along with you and are very flexible.

  1. Beautiful interior

Of course we have thought very carefully about our interior. This has resulted in spaces where you are inspired by the design and energy. Spaces where creativity flourishes and barriers are broken. Our meeting rooms have a homely atmosphere with break-out rooms, where you can retreat between the meeting sessions. Our spaces have a clean lined interior with lots of plants and daylight.

  1. Use of all necessary facilities

During the meeting all facilities are available that you need. Think of 500 mb/s WIFI internet, a big projection screen and projector, a SONOS sound system, flip charts, notebooks, pens, post-its and markers. Everything you are used to from the office, but better!

  1. Delicious, organic and healthy catering

We believe that you should prepare food with love and great care. Certainly during intensive sessions, we believe that your diet is essential, as it’s the fuel for your brains. That is why we have developed a special Wicked Grounds arrangement for meetings and presentations. With this package we provide you with healthy energy throughout the day with the help of, for example, Little Power Smoothies, Vitamin Fruit Sticks and Healthy Snack Dips. You should not miss our delicious lunches and dinners. But even if you have special wishes, you have come to the right place. Do you want special flavors to return because those ingredients are in your new product line? Or do you prefer everything in a certain theme? We take the challenge with love.

  1. Large locations

The big advantage of an external meeting location is that you are not limited in the number of people. Not every office has a meeting room where more than 20 people can sit. Wicked Grounds has different meeting locations of various sizes. Our largest meeting room is The Warehouse, an event room that can accommodate 300 people. Looking for a room where 40 people can participate in the meeting? Then we recommend The Suite.

Benefits of meeting outside the door

  1. Inspiring: new ideas

All the points mentioned above describes the advantages of our location, but having meetings outside the door also has a positive effect on the course of the meeting. A new space creates new ideas. Be inspired by the space and energy that we have.

  1. Awareness of urgency

We also often hear from our customers that the concentration is higher at a meeting outside the door. How is this possible? We believe that when you visit a location with a group (that is outside your own office), you all consciously go to a place for results. It gives priority and importance to the meeting. First of all, people that will attend the meeting will not cancel their participation so quickly. In addition, the participants will feel more involved and are more proactive.

  1. Concentration is higher

In the office you have a lot of distractions from outside, such as phone calls that are forwarded, emails that come in and noise in the hallway. In addition, you also have the routine of the same location day in, day out.

  1. More productive

Because the meeting is inspiring, focused and efficient outside the door, a meeting is also more productive than when you hold a meeting at the office. You can go back to the office with new ideas, plans and possible solutions! Because the catering and facilities will  be arranged by the location, you don’t have to worry about whether everyone has enough coffee and / or water. We take care of that!

  1. Many big, creative companies have already preceded you

Meeting outside the door is not something new. The biggest and most creative companies have been doing this for a very long time and are strongly in favor of it. We are very proud of the customers we have received so far. A number of those companies are Red Bull, Adidas, Netflix and Heineken. Each of us receives creative companies and teams that go back to the office with new ideas.

At Wicked Grounds we feel responsible for your event. We like to think along, are genuinely involved and do everything to take the worry out of your hands. We want you to trust us because we believe in long-term partnerships based on mutual respect. Wicked Grounds is innovative, inspiring and connecting.

We would love to hear what we can do for you! Read our brochure for more information.

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