About us: from 0 to 10 meetingspaces in less than 4 years.

About us


from 0 to 10 in less than 4 years.

The trend which started in Silicon Valley, San Francisco has now finally landed in the Netherlands. Wicked Grounds, which was founded 4 years ago by two young men, adds with The Suite, The Apartment and The Lodge an eighth, ninth and tenth meeting venue to their range of inspiring meeting rooms and creative spaces in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
“Making great sacrifices in your daily life, seeing your savings evaporate, fall, get up and continue. All necessary to come and stay where we are” says co-founder Tom Verstappen. 
Wicked Grounds already serves the market with

Lots of creative locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

“In the meantime we have become wise through damage and shame, we adhere to a strict pattern that we have baptized in a personal development plan to be able to do what we do” adds other founder Gerwin Peters. “From simple yet tough tricks, such as daily cold showers, meditation and sports, to Spartan activities, such as 10-day Vipassana retreats & months of sugar, meat and alcohol abstinence.”
“The team!” Tom jumps up. “Perhaps the most important element for the successful growth of the company. People who are better at what they do, than you. To want to keep all the balls in the air yourself, is the classic recipe for a burnout. As we have both already experienced.” 
Work hard..

And believing in your business.

We are doing very well with our customers, says Gerwin: “We see opportunities in the needs of the ‘new meeting’ and do our best to stay ahead of this by offering our visitors the most innovative and inspiring meeting locations.” So at Wicked Grounds: everything except system ceilings and filter coffee. Every detail is thought about. From the fair trade coffee to the hostesses, and from the wall art to the light in the rooms. Customers consist of local enterprises to the greater ones.


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Wicked thoughts

Vanuit Wicked Grounds vonden we het tijd om wat terug te geven aan onze generatie. Tijd om de wereld - en Amsterdam in het bijzonder - een stukje mooier maken. En Wicked Thoughts was een feit.