Amsterdam Conference Center | A Unique, Inspiring and Luxurious Venue

Amsterdam Conference Center

Are you organizing a conference or convention? The conference center of Wicked Grounds is the perfect location for a conference or congress. In the HQ of Wicked Grounds, we have 8 unique spaces available that offer space to a total of 500 guests. By combining these spaces, you create a unique conference center in Amsterdam. The conference center inspires, breaks barriers and allows creativity to flourish. It’s a safe place for the changemakers of today and tomorrow.

At Wicked Grounds, we feel responsible for your event. Let us think with you! We have the experience and creativity to surpass your event every time!

Six reasons to book our Amsterdam Conference Center:

  • Suitable for 500 guests
  • Exclusivity, so no presence of other companies
  • 8 individual spaces in our HQ combined
  • Perfect location for a conference in Amsterdam
  • Easily accessible by car and public transport
  • Experienced event managers who take care of your every need
Conference Center


Generaal Vetterstraat 53, 1059BT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

the warehouse (HQ)


Events up to 350 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the Lounge (HQ)


Events up to 150 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the apartment (HQ)


Events up to 80 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the space (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Space

Events up to 80 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the suite (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Suite

Events up to 100 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the lodge (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Lodge

Meetings up to 16 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam

the office (HQ)

Wicked Grounds The Office

Meetings up to 6 people.

Generaal Vetterstraat 53
1059BT Amsterdam


Amsterdam Conference Center

The various spaces in our Conference Center can be used in any setting or with any purpose depending on your wishes. Our biggest room, The Warehouse, offers space to 350 guests. This large room is ideal for presentations, press events, receptions or private dinners. It is possible to use this space as a plenary room or as a theatre set-up. Our adjacent room, The Lounge, is ideal for breakouts during the conference.

Our other unique locations, The Suite, The Apartment, The Space, The Lodge, The Cabin and The Office, can be used for workshops, meetings, training, etc. What’s special about the locations of Wicked Grounds, is the unique design, where every detail has been thought through. The spaces are challenging, connecting and inspiring time and time again. Spaces in the city where you can get away from everyday distraction and where you get inspired by the design, service and positive energy. Combine the spaces in our HQ and you have the ideal Conference Location in Amsterdam.


From workshops with food trucks to pop up private dinners prepared by our star chef. Or a seminar with informative mini-markets and ‘Coffee-art’ baristas. Everything is possible in this special and inspiring Conference Center. Everything to distinguish your congress, meeting or (business) event.

Centrally located congres location Amsterdam

Good accessibility, that’s what makes our conference center the perfect location for your conference. Our Conference Center is located in Amsterdam South and is easily accessible by public transport and by car. The industrial location is close by the A10 (exit S107) and there is enough parking space in front of the location.

Rent the Conference Center of Wicked Grounds 

Are you looking for a unique location for your conference? The unique locations of Wicked Grounds will inspire you over and over again. Curious about the possibilities of our Conference Center? Contact us directly or request a free quote. We are happy to advise you. The Conference Center can be rented bare, but it is also possible to have our event managers take care of your event from A to Z.


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