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Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering Why the current pain of the earth has a direct impact on our strategic choices and why we are no longer sensitive to revenue losses. At Wicked Grounds we have been receiving for almost 5 years the top of Dutch business. Many CEOs have passed, as well members of the Royal family, mayors, […]

Meeting location for year-end

Meeting location for year-end The year 2018 has not ended yet however, may organisations have already started with evaluating the year. Have the business goals been achieved, what are the revenue numbers, what are our results and what strategic improvement moves are we going to take in the new year? The evaluation of these matters […]

25 Tips for effective meetings

25 Tips for effective meetings Anyone who meets daily or weekly knows well: too long meetings are not effective. Minutes or hours pass without clear agreements being made. People are actually talking about talking. Do you recognize yourself in this and do you think it is time for a change? We have collected 25 tips […]

12 reasons to organize your meeting at Wicked Grounds

12 reasons to organize your meeting at Wicked Ground Numerous articles have been written about this topic: meetings at unique meetingspaces imrpove the inspiration and creativity of the participants. This sounds pretty obvious. But the challenge remains; where to find such a location? We give you 12 reasons why Wicked Grounds is the right address […]