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Meeting location for year-end

Meeting location for year-end

Meeting location for year-end

The year 2018 has not ended yet however, may organisations have already started with evaluating the year. Have the business goals been achieved, what are the revenue numbers, what are our results and what strategic improvement moves are we going to take in the new year? The evaluation of these matters call for a year-end meeting.

Inspiring meetings locations

Meetings are often the same. Discussions are held regarding numbers, targets and goals. For some it is not an exception to meet for half of their workday. Often, you therefore also sit a in the same meeting room. Inspiring? Well, no not really. Due to those fixed patterns, the concentration often gets lost resulting in a non-inspiring meeting. The solution? A meeting location outside of the standard office at an inspiring location: a neat interior, art on the wall, a lot of natural light however located in the centre of the city.

Organising the year-end meeting

Most of the year-end meetings take place in the new year, often in January, which is logical of course. As at the end of the month January the numbers of the previous year known. Besides that, in December it already is busy enough due to the holidays, days of and the years-end. By organising the years-end in January you will prevent a tense and overworked atmosphere during the meeting. Furthermore, it will motivate everyone to start the year of right.

Suitable meeting location for the year-end meeting

At which meeting location will the years-end take place? Whilst looking for a meeting location there are a few factors to take into account. It is of the essence that the space:

  1.           Suitable for the amount of people
  2.           Boasts all the necessary facilities
  3.           Carries a unique and inspiring look
  4.           Offers tasty and healthy catering

 Especially the latter point is of high importance. Why? Firstly, nutrition is of the essence as it is the fuel the brain runs on. Besides that, (nearly) everyone has the new years’ resolution to embody a healthy lifestyle. Especially after all those lunches, brunches and dinners that took place over the Christmas holidays. Thus, being the reason that Wicked Grounds offers a diverse selection of catering.

At Wicked Grounds, you will find locations that boasts all factors. No system ceiling, carpets, filter coffee, soggy sandwiches as well as rooms which are too small and hardly have any light.

Wicked Grounds offers locations with a waterfall of natural light, modern interiors and healthy catering. This must be what you expect when holding your meeting outside of the office, right?

The meeting locations of Wicked Grounds

At Wicked Grounds, you’ll find meeting rooms with multiple possibilities. Depending on the size of the company or department you can choose for one of the locations. A selection of our meeting rooms:

  •              The Lounge: suitable in theatre setting up to 70 persons
  •              The Suite: suitable for boardroom meetings up to 40 persons
  •              The Apartment: suitable for boardroom meetings up to 35 persons
  •              The Studio: suitable for boardroom meetings up to 20 persons

Would you like to start your year off right? Then you’ll organise your year-end meeting at an inspiring location. Choose a location which allows you and your team to brainstorm creatively about the coming year. Meanwhile you will be able to enjoy a healthy (and especially tasty) lunch, in order to start the year off right.

Are you looking for a meeting location in Amsterdam or a meeting space in Rotterdam? The Wicked Grounds is the party for you! End the year-end with some drinks in order to toast to the results achieved last year, but especially to the achievements of the coming year!

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