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Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering

Why the current pain of the earth has a direct impact on our strategic choices and why we are no longer sensitive to revenue losses.

At Wicked Grounds we have been receiving for almost 5 years the top of Dutch business.

Many CEOs have passed, as well members of the Royal family, mayors, film stars, ministers and opinion-makers. A whole honor and a whole responsibility. But most of all an enormous opportunity to teach them something, by planting seeds in their subconscious mind. Seeds that are planted now to be harvest later.

In addition to the acclaimed decorations of the locations and the on-Amsterdam service of our fantastic Wicked Family, catering is one of our most important pillars that sets us apart.

Last year we made the choice to offer exclusively vegetarian menu options. A choice that feels intrinsically right but a risky choice for business. What if the director is a convinced carnivore? Fine, but there is a serious amount involved. Call it a meat tax. An incentive for which every director is sensitive; unnecessary costs. Eventually this option will also disappear. Habituation takes time. After half a year we hope that less parties are using this option.

Perhaps because of this steadfastness we miss some interesting parties on an annual basis, so turnover.

So be it.

By serving a tasty, healthy and well-filling vegetarian lunch, we inspire the above mentioned C levels delegates to switch to vegetarian company catering. Even the least probability of this scenario is priceless for us.

Where does our conviction comes from? In the first place, all animals are our friends, we don’t eat them. The second reason is perhaps less hippie; it needs no explanation that the growing meat consumption of the past decades has a devastating effect on the current state of the earth and will be disastrous for future generations. For those who have been to our largest event location in Amsterdam, The Warehouse by Wicked Grounds, could not have missed our life-size mantra on the wall:

Fact not fiction!

As MD of Wicked Grounds, I always want to put our core values, the well-being of our team, customers and the world at the center of decision making. Turnover and profit comes in second place. If every entrepreneur and CEO acts accordingly, the future looks fantastic.

Tom Verstappen
MD Wicked Grounds

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