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In a time of countless followers, likers, sharers, endorsers, friends, subscribers and viewers, we feel as if we are the King of the world.

Only sometimes.. Or maybe much more often, our lives can feel quite lonely and aimless. Our digital connection is a contradiction that does not require an explanation. The world is rising in its 5th gear; standing still feels as going backwards. We have so many questions to defy. Who am I? Am I who I wanted to be? Who exactly are my friends now? Am I the only one under stress, burnouts and panic attacks? Is sex, drugs & rock ’n roll then really the only thing where I get my fun out of?

Good questions, join the club.


to create a more beautiful world

At Wicked Grounds we thought it was the right time to give something back to our generation. Time to make the world – and Amsterdam in particular – a bit more beautiful. And Wicked Thoughts was a fact. For us a dream come true.

After 2.5 years of struggling to pay our bills, we invite you to the 11th edition of Wicked Thoughts. We will try to answer these questions in the upcoming editions. This evening is all about connecting, stimulating, inspiring, laughing, touching, silence and music. Wicked Thoughts will bring you new thoughts and help you revive old thoughts, resulting in the first step towards a more meaningful and conscious life or a confirmation that you are walking on the right path. A meeting for wonderful souls.

Wicked Thoughts x inner.space

On Tuesday October 1, two interesting worlds come together: Wicked Thoughts and inner.space. This evening, we switch back from the 5th gear in which we live, to reconnect with the most essential question of life: who am I?

Meditation is hot. It is even a business. But below the surface we long for more than just relaxation. We want to go beyond the promises of inner peace and stress reduction. We want to discover why on earth we stepped into this super-fast world? Janosh opens the way to the core in three phases: who am I and what do I really want? Be amazed by the insightful insights that Janosh shares and travel deep inside, to the inner.space, in other words: the place where you not only relax but also activate the best in yourself.

Tuesday, October 1, 8 pm – 10.30 pm (reception from 7.30 pm)
The Wicked Grounds Warehouse – Generaal Vetterstraat 55 Amsterdam
Future dates: November 18, December 10, January 7

a Wicked Thoughts special: Love & Relationships

Toña Wong Chung has run a practice in healing, holistic coaching and relationship therapy for the last twenty five years. Besideds, she’s author of the book ‘how to become the best lover in the world’. Her life has been devoted to following the path of her heart. She guides others in an intriguing and sometimes unconventional manner to do the same. How to recongnize the signs of love in your life is Toña’s specialty. No matter what your situation and no matter how lost you seem to be, there is always a path of love awaiting you.

In this interactive talk of this night Toña opens up about her expertise; built up in 22 years of practice regarding the topic of love and relationships. As we evolve in a lot of ways, it is important to keep investigating how we can best evolve in our attitude towards relationships. How can you relate in a healthy way to yourself, your loved one and the world around you? How do you practice truthful communication? How do you develop a healthy sexual relationship? And how do you keep it that way? What to do with sexual feelings if they are not for your own loved one?

All this and more will be covered in this love special and what makes it also special is that Marcelino, Toña’s husband and business partner will join in, especially during the question rounds when it comes to the hot topic of ‘open relationship’. What is it? How do you do that? What is most important is that you do this together and therefore it would make no sense to let Marcelino’s voice out. So, if you’re a man or a woman, single or in relationship. This will be the talk you always wanted to have with a lot of practical tools about love & relationships. To understand, to feel and to grow together as human beings.

Wednesday, November 27, 8 pm – 10.30 pm (reception from 7.30 pm)
The Wicked Grounds Warehouse – Generaal Vetterstraat 55 Amsterdam

A Wicked Thoughts Special

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